What is involved in the Air Brake Endorsement Course?

Author: Donovan's Driver Education |

The air brake course is a full day course, offered twice per week. It starts at 6:30am for registration and ends around 4:00pm. Please contact us for availability

It is comprised of a classroom theory and a practical portion.

In the classroom theory part, the student will learn about the braking fundamentals, the components of the air brake system and how they work. The goal of this course is to show students how to test and maintain the system for proper function. Another important factor is to teach the student how to react and deal with system failures.

Upon completion of the theory, the students will be given a practical exam. In the practical portion the student will learn the proper procedures for daily air brake maintenance.

From here, the student will be given a certificate to take to a registry office to complete the written exam.

This is not an automatic upgrade!

You are required to register this certificate in order for “Q” endorsement to be applied to your license.